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Ecology, Evolution and Genetics
Biological principles relating to population levels of organization. Topics include introduction to ecology and the biosphere, mechanisms of evolution and introductory genetics. Lecture, laboratory, and discussion.

Cell Biology
Molecular interactions that underlie the structure and functions of the cell. Topics include protein structure and function, membrane transport, post-translational modifications of proteins and protein secretion, cell cycle regulation, cell signaling and mechanisms of development and differentiation. Laboratory techniques include SDS-PAGE, cell fractionation, bacterial protein expression and purification, and immunohistochemistry.

Child Abuse & Family Violence
An introduction to the causes and effects of abuse on children, adolescents, and families. Students will learn: the scope of child abuse, its causes, and strategies that prevent and reduce its occurrence using a variety of approaches; how to apply critical thinking skills to evaluate information about child abuse; personal emotional responses to abuse; and to develop civic participation skills around course topics.

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